What a week! The OSR has gone through yet another outing (please mail all your photos to orkestraremaja@gmail.com so we can post them on Photobucket), a live telecast of some of the songs that we will play on the concert, and not to mention the concert today. We will get a video of the outing and post some photos - as soon as they arrive - later on on the blog.

Eat well, take a break and good luck for the upcoming concert(s) later on!

The Administrator

Allrighty people, we hope everyone is somehow aware about what will be going on these few weeks - we have some very interesting activities planned out for our orchestra! Allow me to put them in point form;

1) ON THE 24TH (next week - it's a Sunday) is our OSR Outing! Yay! We'll be visiting fruit orchards, waterfalls, children's homes and another special activity - we, the OSR will be going street busking to promote our upcoming concert and this blog - hopefully we can get a good response and better turnout. Street busking as in playing by the roadside - our clarinet player Eizaz will be forming a small ensemble to jam; see him during rehearsals for more information. At the end we will also be giving a small performance for the children's home; if anyone wants to perform feel free to prepare something - group, solo, impromptu, stand-up comedy - and cheer up someone's day!

Time & Date: 24th August 2008 - Istana Budaya bus leaves at 8AM, will be back by six-ish

Things to Bring: OSR T-shirt (if you do not have this shirt please fill in your name next week and we will prepare it for you), slippers, shoes, some extra dry clothing. Instruments optional

2) OUR CONCERT falls on the 29th and 30th of August 2008 at Istana Budaya. We only have two weeks left so please practice your parts!

3) The String Section will be playing at Istana Budaya at CANCELLED, NO STRING PERFORMANCE, Istana Budaya has called it off for reasons unknown. Oh well.

4) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE e-mail us your name and position to update our Musician Listing. Until we can collect a proper record of confirmed players we request your support. You can contact us at orkestraremaja at gmail.com, the official mailing address.

5) THE RTM/TV3 recordings have been posponed due to unforseen circumstances. We will await Ms Mayya's update regarding this.

Until then, keep practicing and stay tuned for more updates!

The Administrator

Attention all players - here's the latest practice schedule as of 1st August 2008;

2nd August, Sat, 1500 - 1800hrs, Sri Siantan
9th August, Sat, 1500 - 1800hrs, Sri Siantan
16th August, Sat, 1500 - 1800hrs, Sri Siantan
17nd August, Sun, 1500 - 1800hrs, Sri Siantan
23rd August, Sat, 1500 - 1800hrs, Sri Siantan
24th August, Sat, 1500 - 1800hrs, Sri Siantan
27nd August, Wed, 1900 - 2200hrs, Sri Siantan
28th August, Thu, 1900 - 2200hrs, Sri Siantan/Panggung Sari
29th August, Fri, 1500 - 1800hrs, 2000 - 2230hrs, Panggung Sari
30th August, Fri, 1500 - 1800hrs, 2000 - 2230hrs, Panggung Sari

Keep reading for further updates!